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Our values

  • Our aim is achievement and enjoyment for every child
  • We lead and support children’s learning in a friendly, exciting and stimulating environment
  • We view all children as unique; our curriculum promotes the development of the whole child as a confident and imaginative learner.


Flying Start Day Nursery Chigwell Ltd aims to foster the development of :

  1. Independence and confidence through the acquisition of self-help skills.
  2. Self-esteem through the recognition of individual worth.
  3. Moral development through the learning to share and care.
  4. Learning skills through as many firsthand practical experiences as possible.
  5. The ability to work within a group and take turns.
  6. A questioning attitude by encouraging curiosity.
  7. Our Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Offer

Meeting Individual Needs

Every child is important to us and is recognised as an individual with particular needs. Staff work very hard to develop approaches within and beyond the nursery which mean that the learning needs of all children can be met.

Children with additional needs

Flying Start Day Nursery Chigwell Ltd supports children with a range of additional educational needs, so that they can access all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Special Educational Provisions

Provisions for children with disabilities and additional educational needs

Admissions – At Flying Stat Day Nursery Chigwell we explore the educational needs of a child with disabilities and, in liaison with all other agencies involved with the child, develop an individual education plan, which allows for children to achieve their full potential.


At Flying Start Day Nursery Chigwell ensure that all our children have equal opportunity to access all aspects of our curriculum. Flying Start Day Nursery Chigwell welcomes any suggestions as to how we can further improve our provision.


Flying Start Day Nursery is a unique building with accessibility for any person with physical disabilities.

To view our Special Educational and Disabilities Needs policy – please click here